Share the light

It’s still Christmas! The season comes to a close for this year with the Feast of Candlemas – the ‘presentation’, when Joseph and Mary bring Jesus to ‘present’ him at the Temple. A bit like we do when we bring children for blessing or thanksgivings when the are very small. It is the day we hear about old Simeon, who has been waiting because he believes he will see the saviour of the world before he dies.  When Jesus is brought in, Simeon recognises him as Saviour, and says he can now die in peace.

At this feast, churches often bless new candles, to light the following year. We are inviting everyone who has been baptized to bring their candles back to church and we can light them all together, to see just how much light there is for us to share! And think how we can be light to others all year. All are welcome, this is our service focussed on young children, Sing Praise, 3pm the first Sunday afternoon. So this one, is February 2nd.