Daily Prayer

Not meeting in the church buildings does not prevent us praying individually and corporately, throughout the week, and there are several suggestions here.

You can follow along with any of the ‘daily offices’ – the bread and butter of our corporate prayer life by following this link to the Church of England Daily Prayer page and choosing morning, evening or night prayer (and if you come regularly or occasionally to evening prayer, you will be saved the juggling of page markers and ribbons!)

The Archbishop of Canterbury is recording the ‘prayer during the day’ and ‘night prayer’ (the latter otherwise known as Compline) for you to listen along/join along with here or below:

Revd Kate is often recording a reflective prayer in the mornings which can also be listened to on Soundcloud.

A simple form of prayer during the day and night prayer can be found here. And there is also a version of night prayer for children.

Our children can sometimes be heard leading us in Compline – night prayer, over on our Facebook page.

A number of us like the ‘pray as you go‘ daily reflections – which have been updated for us in light of the new situation we find ourselves in! Do try it out to enlighten the isolation.