Older People

Journeying with God is a lifetime occupation. We invest in our children and young people, so why should we not equally invest in our more senior members?


We have a ministry of care amongst our community. Our pastoral visitors are happy to come regularly and have a chat and a cup of tea with those who are lonely or isolated, bringing news and the Lantern, our church magazine.

Home Communion

We have a number of extended community, who are visited and receive communion at home. There can be a time of life when questions of faith become more pressing, and the pastoral team are happy to come and visit, chat, share prayer in the old traditional language and bring communion.

Please contact the church office or Pauline Taylor (455 6346) for more information

Tea @ Three

We have a regular meeting in the church refreshment room of those who cannot make their own way to church and some of our recently bereaved partners. Lifts can be arranged and it’s an hour and a half of company and chat, with some poems or a song or an activity. Our afternoon tea is fresh and homemade, with sandwiches, sausage rolls, scones, cake and patisserie.

Friends Together

New for 2017, a monthly get together for all who would like to drop in, with tea/coffee and cake or scones, to break up the pattern of the week. All are welcome and lifts can be arranged.