Prayer Group

1d1a8d23-991d-468b-8fed-5f1671ef7bb5_560_420In Advent and in Lent we meet weekly for silent prayer, during the rest of the year (excepting the summer holidays) we meet monthly for 40 minutes as a small group around relevant topics. Prayer group is usually on Mondays at 11am.

Daily Prayer

Members of the ministry team usually meet at 6pm each evening in church to pray evening prayer or compline. On Wednesdays it is 7pm after the enquiry hour. This is a quiet 20 minutes of scripture and prayer, usually from Common Worship. All are welcome to join in.

We also have a short pattern of daily prayer for all who wish to join us in praying for the world and our community, in a small booklet you can keep at home. Some of our members who do not get out so often, especially in the dark, appreciate this, as do those who would like to instill an easy framework of prayer into their busy daily lives. Copies of daily prayer and the accompanying prayer cards for all the streets in the parish can be collected in church, or can be delivered by calling the church office on 454 8857.

Prayer Ministry

We are happy to pray with or for those who wish it. There is a prayer basket in church for requests, or any of the ministry team can be approached, to ask for prayer in person or in our daily offices. We will also visit the sick with communion and anointing, or can come out to do house blessings if desired. Once a month (normally), our Sunday evening service is a service of Healing, to which all are welcome. More information can be obtained from the church office, number above.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests are welcome. They can be submitted anonymously or you can ask us to get back in touch, which we are happy to do.

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