Baptism Certificates

We only hold our baptism registers in church until they are full or the ink begins to fade, when we transfer them to the archives. We currently have from January 2013 on site. If you are seeking a certificate copy of a baptism we can only issue them from that date (in which case please phone or email us, see Contact info, they cost £14). Prior to this, you will need to contact the Records Office. It isn’t necessary to go in person to Durham if you have the details needed to locate your register entry. Below is information supplied by the Records Office to make it as easy as possible.

Please follow the link directly to search & order. Thank you.

We deal with many enquiries from parents wishing to obtain copies of baptism entries for school entry.

These requests are dealt with via our Quick Search service:

There is a small charge for this (£5.00). Quick Search includes a photocopy or microfilm print of the entry (if found), scanned and sent as an email attachment.

There is also an option to upgrade to a certified copy if necessary. You will find more information about this and all other aspects of our Quick Search service here.

It is probably worth pointing out that we do not redact the register. The customer will receive a copy of the entire register page which includes the relevant entry.

Our turnaround for this type of enquiry is very quick and customers will normally receive a response within a day or two.