Sunday December 22nd, repeat services at 4pm and 6pm. All welcome.

Christingle is the service which has the sweets! This is our opportunity to learn or be reminded of God who created the world, who surrounds it with his love, who brings good gifts throughout the season, and who sent his son to be the light for all the world.

Which in a nutshell an orange is the service! We have a couple of traditional family carols and a special song for Christingle, and when everyone has an orange and is trying really hard not to eat the sweets, we light the candles, drop the lights and sing Away in a Manger together in the candlelight.

Families are encouraged to collect up spare change in advance of the service, collecting tubes can be claimed from church if you wish, as all monies from Christingle services are given to the Children’s Society, for its vital and necessary work with children nationally and beyond.

All are welcome – please keep flammable hoods to a minimum, and long hair is best to be tied back!!